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New Creation Farm

From our farm to your table, we offer pastured pork, beef, chicken, lamb, goat and eggs!


About Our Farm

At New Creation Farm we believe in the humane treatment of animals and raise them in their natural habitat or during inclement weather, as close as we can. We offer pastured pork, beef, chicken, lamb, goat and eggs. We believe in bringing healthy food to your table! Our farm is located in Chardon, Ohio where we raised 8 children. Seven of our children are adopted out of the foster system with emotional trauma or physical illnesses. Our hopes in starting the farm was to provide adoptive and foster kids in our home with a therapeutic setting that provided the ability for them to care for and connect with the animals. Caring for the animals gave them something to take pride in and the gentleness of the animals was therapeutic.

As time went on, one of our children became very sick at the age of 2. She developed an antibiotic resistant pneumonia and almost died. This happened within a short 24 hour period. After she recovered, we really began looking into our food and we had no idea that at that time, animals were given a regimen of antibiotics everyday and finished in stressful feed lots. We decided that the only way to truly trust what we were eating was to raise our own meat. As time went on, other people asked us to raise their meat as well, and, well, here we are! My husband closed down his carpentry business and we went into farming full swing.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality meat possible, with the reassurance at the same time, that our animals are being raised humanely. We have three (3) farms that we lease for our animals as well as our homestead farm where our store is located. We sell our meat and only LOCAL products in our store. We have a wide variety and are set up like a small grocery store. Especially at this time we want to support other farmers and small businesses so we are selling their produce, honey, syrup, breads, dairy, pastas, etc.

In addition to our store, we also own our butcher shop which is located in Wooster, Ohio. Our meat is butchered there and immediately frozen to seal in freshness. It is vacuum sealed in clear packaging.

New Creation Farm…From Our Farm To Your Table!

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We are temporarily suspending our online orders as we look to upgrade the website. In the mean time, you can still contact us directly to place an order over the phone. Please call call 440-285-5993

New Creation Farm

Address: 12126 Clark Rd, Chardon, Ohio 44024


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Wednesday: 1pm to 5pm

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